New Shoes, Renewed Inspiration

Running and I have been mutually blowing one another off over the past 6 weeks or so. I kind of slid into it, making it less of a priority and then simply not “finding time” to run more than a couple of times in a week. In return, running has handed me some pretty mediocre workouts and a painful foot that I’m pretty sure is the result of my shoes.

Hoka OneOne’s Clifton was the most perfect running shoe my feet have ever experienced; they were thick-soled to cushion my knees and had such a wide toe box that I no longer needed bunion cushions. I ran through 4 pairs of the Cliftons, (never losing a toenail or any other common running foot drama)and when the Clifton 2 came out I was enthusiastic and hopeful that the new model would have even more to like. My hopes were dashed when I took those babies for the first run. Three of my toes went numb and I developed a painful blister the size of a dime. This was such a disappointment that I TWEETED about it. That’s just not something I generally do.

Against my better judgement, I decided to push through a few more runs with these shoes. Maybe they just needed to be loosened up and broken in a bit, I told myself. As usual, that idea was wrong. It got worse, eventually feeling like running with a knife through the bottom of my foot. That’s probably contributed to my recent general disinterest in running. 

This week I got another new pair of running shoes. I went with Altra, because they are specifically designed with a roomy toe box. I’ve taken them out on two runs and wore them today running errands and going to kids’ lacrosse and hockey games. 

I also started working on icing, massaging, and generally coddling my foot so that it might be willing to get through the half-marathon coming up in May. We’ll see how it goes. 

I’m doing my best to just take it as it comes in order to get through the upcoming half-marathon without injury. But when running isn’t easy, the challenge is far more of a mental/motivational one. I need a WHY in order to elevate the priority of my running. 

Just knowing that overall physical and mental health is better when I run regularly should really be enough, but it doesn’t always do the trick, does it? Not for me. I need some tangible reminder of my accomplishments to reinforce the WHY. 



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