I’m Still Here & a 2,015 Miles update

I’ve been missing from this place recently. I only meant to stay away for a week or so in August, but that week extended to a full two months. Wow – time flies! So, summer ended, the kids went back to school, soccer, and hockey, and work got really busy for me. And just like that, months are slipping by.

Races and Training

I’ve got two more half-marathons and a 5K still on the 2015 calendar. There is just nothing like running in the fall, particularly here in New England. The cool, crisp air; the cerulean blue sky; smoke from backyard brush-burning; the sounds of nature magnified against the cool air – hawks, tree frogs, squirrels. Running during the past couple of weeks has been so enjoyable that it’s reminded me of why I started to enjoy running in the first place: In the fall, I’m never overheated; in the fall, it’s never humid; in the fall, the light through the trees is like an optimism filter on life. In the fall, I could run forever.

My training runs have gotten so much better since the last race I ran (September), and I’m really looking forward to seeing how that translates in two weeks when I run the Green Stride Newburyport Half-Marathon. I’m fighting a head cold right now, but I still think I will have no problem beating that performance.

2,015 Miles in 2015 UPDATE

I’m going to have to really buckle down on this or I’m not going to make this goal. For this month, I’m averaging about 4.5 miles a day (walking and running combined), but I really need to be closer to 7 miles a day. Better crank up the treadmill for some evening walks, I guess!


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