Five Things

Who’s happy it’s Friday? I know I am!!

Some weeks just seem to drag on forever, and you just have to get run through it. (see what I did there? 😉 )

Here are five things (other than running) that helped me get through this week:

1. Watermelon!!

I LOVE watermelon. I am never in control of how much watermelon I eat – if it’s there, it must be eaten until it’s gone. I am not sorry about it either. It’s so full of good-for-the-body stuff; it’s delicious and refreshing. Just writing about it makes me want to run out and buy one.

Last weekend, since it was the Fourth of July, the kids exploded our watermelon with rubber bands before we ate it – it was so awesome.

2. Summer Reading

Summer makes me want to ignore everything around me and bury my nose in a pile of books. I had no idea how lucky I was to do this every summer growing up.

The public library in town hosts an ice cream sundae party at the end of the summer as an incentive to keep kids reading during the break. This year they have also added incentives (gift card raffle) for the adults who keep reading and visiting the library. My first book this summer is Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down.allfalldown

3. Pictures

I love taking pictures. I take pictures of lots of little moments throughout the day (thank you iPhone!). When I have time to look at them, usually at the end of the day or even a couple of days later, I can see that my days are overwhelmingly made up of good. That can be a real lifesaver in the midst of a week that feels especially tough.

4. Ninja 

I think I had a smoothie for dinner twice this week. It is hot and humid and if I’m not cooking for anyone else, I’m probably making a smoothie in my Ninja! I also use it to make post-run icees – a bunch of ice, some water, fresh mint, cucumber, and lime juice. Aaaah.

5. Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Refreshing with a kick. And now that I’ve figured out how to make it at home, I can enjoy this tasty delight and still plan to retire someday.

What got you through your week?

Have you ever exploded a watermelon?

What’s on your summer reading list?


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