Weekends: Made for eating doughnuts, reading, and running long

Happy National Doughnut Day. Because Americans need free doughnuts.


I made some baked doughnuts for the kids that were a big hit using this recipe.

This weekend’s weather is supposed to be nice, so I’m planning on a leisurely 8-miler and some reading by the pool – in between soccer games, softball games, laundry, grocery shopping, and general momming of course.

If you’re looking for some good reads this weekend, here’s some of what I found interesting this week – enjoy!

After a recent Frontline piece, Foster Farms has announced that it will no longer give human antibiotics to chickens.

This is the kind of thing that makes food marketing so obnoxious: the meaning behind “farm-to-table” has been obliterated. 

Food is obviously part of the problem with health – it seems obvious that it should be part of the solution too.

Are you ready to start getting your protein from bugs?

Here is a great idea for dealing with the demand for inexpensive nutrition – I hope it will be successful enough to spread.

Big ideas: urban farming


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