Squat Challenge

Squats. We love to hate them.

There’s a great bike path near my office where I’ve been walking recently with co-workers at lunchtime. This week, as we walked along, one of the women walking with me drew my attention to the runner coming down the path toward us. She was obviously in good shape – awesome muscle definition in her shoulders and biceps and, most enviably, in her thighs. You could see the lines separating the muscles in her thighs and when she ran by we both turned to check out her muscles some more. Her hamstrings were equally impressive. These were not the legs of someone whose only activity is running. I resolved (yet again) to add some strength training to my routine.

Squats are so good for runners. They help build the muscles around your knees so that you can avoid injuries; they build muscle power to help you run faster; and they allow you to practice body awareness as you perfect your form.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find a squat challenge online. I’m going to start this one on Monday. Who’s with me?




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