It’s Getting Real

Last night was the final team meeting for Team Liver. There was a marathoner/gastroenterologist there to talk to us about fueling and hydrating before and during the race. After that, the various team leaders took turns talking us through the logistics of Friday through Monday – everything from what time the bus leaves Boston (6am) on race day to strategies for minimizing porta-john stress (bring tp). I don’t think I heard anything new last night but there were plenty of good reminders (remember the Body Glide!) and I got my race day singlet and some sweet new shades.

Look for me on race day!

Look for me on race day!

There’s such a buzz around Copley Square during the week before the Marathon. Yesterday, especially, as it was the first One Boston Day – a day that has been designated by Boston’s new mayor as “a celebration of the resiliency, generosity, and strength of the people that make Boston the great city it is.”


There were  two new banners unveiled on Boylston Street yesterday. The medical tent has been constructed in the street in front of the Public Library, and the structures are in place for the giant video screens at the finish line.


My dreams have turned into running scenarios and glimpses of the hypothetical race I plan to run. I’m trying to refresh my weather app only a couple of times a day, and I’ve turned my attention almost entirely to race day planning.


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