Weekly Mileage: 3/31-4/6

3/31: 4.81 mi
4/1: 8.38 mi 
4/2: 10.93 mi 
4/3: 2.97 mi
4/4: 17.94 mi 
4/5: 1.92 mi
4/6: 2.17 mi

Weekly Total Running Mileage:   31.3 mi
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 211.1 mi

2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 551.47 mi (1,463.53 to go!)

Fundraising Total to Date: $4,197.15 (84% to my goal!!!)


This week’s training low point: Training felt pretty good this week, from both a physical and a mental standpoint. I’ve started my taper now, allowing my muscles to rest and rebuild before race day.

This week’s training high point: My workouts all felt really good this week, making it easier for me to feel good (mentally) about how I’ve trained.


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