Weekly Mileage: 3/24 – 3/30

3/24: 9.86 mi
3/25: 8.71 mi (7.1-mile run)
3/26: 10.62 mi (6.4-mile run)
3/27: 3.99 mi
3/28: 22.45 mi (21-mile run)
3/29: 3.24 mi
3/30:   3.05  mi

Weekly Total Running Mileage:   34.5 mi
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 179.8 mi

2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 502.35 mi (1,512.65 to go!)


Fundraising Total to Date: $3704.96  (70% to my goal!!!)

This week’s training low point: Mental Fatigue. Yesterday I just skipped my cross-training because I wasn’t feeling it. I sort of had the energy, but not really, and it was exhausting trying to convince myself. I decided to just give myself the day off so that I would be fresh for the 7 miles on the training plan today.

This week’s training high point: High point in training this week was definitely the team 21-mile training run I went to. If nothing else, that gave me a huge jolt of re-inspiration – reminding me of why I have been training all winter.


American Liver Foundation® Run for Research Team 21-Miler

We started in Hopkinton (at the Start line) and finished at the top of Heartbreak Hill. I felt really strong for most of the run, and I was glad to be able to think through some of my race plan for the actual day. I was able to pace myself pretty well. That was a problem for me in my first marathon, and since the Boston Marathon course starts out with an extended downhill, I’m paying close attention to controlling my pace more closely this time.

The best part was running with all of these other runners from my team and others. A lack of mental energy can really throw a long run off its course because it requires so much mental energy to push yourself through the tougher moments of the run. Being surrounded by lots of other runners who had also managed to emerge from local winter training intact and healthy was motivation enough to just keep going.

I almost didn’t go to this run. It was inconvenient, it was snowing, it seemed like too much work.  I almost just did the miles solo again this week but I am so glad I went. It turned out that even though it was inconvenient and snowing, it made the 21 miles feel like less work. The runners around me pulled and pushed me along during those last five miles, just by continuing to run along toward the same destination.

And now, the taper has begun.


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