Weekly Mileage

3/17: 5.36 mi
3/18: 7.56 mi
3/19: 10.43 mi
3/20: 2.47 mi
3/21: 2.24 mi
3/22: 18.13 mi
3/23: 3.03 mi

Weekly Total Running Mileage:  35.3 mi
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 145.3 mi

2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 437.46 mi (1,577.54 mi to go!)

400 miles and counting!






Fundraising Total to Date: $3273.45 (65% to my goal!!!)



This week’s training low point: I can honestly say that with each week of training it has gotten harder and harder to find a true “low”.  I’m sure that’s a combined result of the winter coming to an end and  the fitness gains from winter training – maybe I’ve made some real progress? I suppose if I’m honest, the low point is my continued avoidance of strength training. It isn’t what you think – I’m not afraid of getting to bulky or anything like you might normally hear from a woman. It is really just where I’ve had to “let it go” in my training schedule. With so much time spent working and training for the cardio endurance portion of the marathon, it’s just the place I have found it easiest to cut out, so that there’s enough of my time and energy left for my kids and husband. I’m sure if I could have figured out a way to include it over this winter, my fitness gains would be even more apparent. I’m not sure that strength training in my 27 remaining days before the marathon will help, but I could consider it.

This week’s training high point: My long run wasn’t a terrible, miserable, cursing-out-loud, alone on a remote road, experience. I cut it just a little bit short because I was starting to hurt everywhere – I think I’m best leaving the extreme pain (and the mental energy required to overcome it) for race day, which is now only 27 days away!!! Yikes!  Anyway, the run was obviously long; it was frigid – way colder than I had anticipated – but it felt good. It made me feel ready, which I think was probably the best thing I could have gotten out of any run this week.


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