Weekly Mileage: 3/10 – 3/17

3/10: 5.03 mi
3/11: 7.86 mi (6 mi run)
3/12: 8.6 mi (8 mi)
3/13: 3.92 mi
3/14: 20.47 mi (19.5 mi run)
3/15: 3.04 mi
3/16: 3.44 mi

Weekly Total Running Mileage: 33.5 mi
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 110 mi
2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 391.27 mi (1,623.73 mi to go!)
Fundraising Total to Date: $2268.45

This week’s training low point: No real low points this week, other than the freezing rain during my long run on Saturday.

This week’s training high point: The long run was definitely the high point of this week’s training. After two weeks of sub-par long runs, it was starting to seem like my treadmill training hadn’t kept me up to speed with my training plan. This week’s run went exactly as planned and I’ve been feeling good about my progress ever since. It was a huge mental boost; at least half of marathon training is mental, and sometimes the primary goal of my training runs is to build up the mental muscle you need to run miles 20-26.2.


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