Still School Vacation

While February vacation continues for my two little angels and the snow and frigid weather continues, I am squeezing in my workouts where I can. Inside running is a completely different experience than outdoor running, obviously, but since it’s really the only option for now, I am embracing it.

One thing I don’t get: who are these people who can read while running? I mean, I can listen to a book….but actually focusing on the printed word while running is tricky and kind of stressful. It’s just too much for me to think about. I see them all around me, though. They’re at the gym with their tablets and they’re running! Some of them are even running while reading paper magazines.

My reading cannot be done while running, but here are some links to articles I have found worth reading lately. Enjoy!

Learn to Cook Quinoa  (It’s a basic skill, but a good one to have)

Who is the Food Babe?

Coconut Butter – Apparently not the Same as Coconut Oil

Nestle USA Commits to Removing Artificial Flavors and Colors in 2015!

According to Physics, the Treadmill Isn’t Cheating


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