Weekly Mileage: 1/20 – 1/26

1/20: (walked 6.34 miles)
1/21: 5.93 miles (walked another 2.61)
1/22: 6.06 miles (walked another 1.58 miles)
1/23: (walked 8.4 miles)
1/24: (walked 2.62 miles)
1/25: (walked 3.43 miles)
1/26: 3.1 miles (walked another 2.18)

Weekly Total Running Mileage: 15.09
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 63.99
2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 146.48
Fundraising Total to Date: $1,140.25

This week’s training low point:

I skipped my long run. I don’t think it will cause a huge setback in my training, although I will probably really feel it when I do my (even longer) run this weekend.

This week’s training high point:

It was really worth it. I didn’t stop running, I just skipped the long run and ran like a regular person. It was relaxing.

So now I’m back from vacation.

My training schedule for the next week includes: about 90 minutes of intervals on the treadmill; 2 – 25 min. core workouts; a 13 mile long run; and an hour on the elliptical. I feel so refreshed from this break that I’m really looking forward to my workouts.

Just keep moving.


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