175 Miles in a Month

So, my combined run/walk total for January was 175 miles. I am really proud of that because I know how much extra effort it took to get myself to that number. So, one month down, 11 to go in my get-fitter challenge.


Now on to February. So far, February has been putting up roadblocks. We got 14 inches of brand new snow yesterday – that’s in addition to the 31 or so that we got last week. Just under four feet of snow is sure to get in the way of outside running – for at least a week, maybe more, depending on the temps and how much ice forms before the plows can finish up their snow removal. As much as I detest the idea, I’m going to have to put a gym plan into effect and just *hope* that I can get my long run outside next weekend. I did 11 miles on the treadmill this past weekend, and although it was doable, it was not awesome.

Sticking to my training plan will get me to about 120 miles this month. With 28 days in the month, my total goal is 154 miles, leaving only 34 more to walk. I should be able to cover that, and maybe even “bank” a couple for March.

This heart-warming image was tweeted during last week’s blizzard:


That’s the Boston Marathon finish line, shoveled clear.


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