Weekly Mileage: 1/12 – 1/19

1/12: 2.9 miles (walked another 4.23)
1/13: Rest (walked 5.2)
1/14: 4 miles (walked another 2.09)
1/15: 3.3 miles (walked another 4)
1/16: 6.3 (7.39) (walked another 1.09)
1/17: (walked 3.59)
1/18: (walked 1.6)
1/19: 12.18 (walked another 1.27 miles)

Weekly Total Running Mileage: 25.8 miles
Monthly Total Running Mileage: 48.9 miles
2,015 Miles in 2015 Progress: 104.23 miles
Fundraising Total To Date: (Stalled) at $1,040.25

Training went far better this week. I focused my attention on bumping up my overall mileage (running and walking), more sleep, and better nutrition. There’s still room  for improvement, of course, but I feel like I made lots of tiny steps in the right direction, all adding up to a net positive.

Big accomplishment of the week: I made it to 100 miles so far this year – woot!!

100 miles in 2015It is hard work to accumulate this kind of mileage while working a full-time desk job! At least 4 days every week I am getting up from my desk every two hours to walk. It really does shed some light on how a “pretty healthy” lifestyle can still result in all kinds of health concerns normally associated with poor diet and lifestyle choices (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity). According to research published in the past couple of years, more hours of sitting – regardless of other exercise – correlates to increased rates of various cancers; hours of sitting is also chipping away at any fitness gains from regular exercise, so daily runners who then sit at a desk all day are not exempt.

Keep moving, people!


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