Weekly Mileage: 12/29 – 1/4

A day late on my weekly mileage post this week, but here it is!

12/29: Rest
12/30: Cross Train
12/31: 3.9 miles @ 10:10 pace
1/1: 5.8 miles @ 9:51 pace
1/2: Rest
1/3: Rest
1/4: 9.5 miles @ 10:02 pace

Weekly Total Mileage: 19.2
Monthly Total Mileage: 38.4 (December)/15.3 (January)
Annual Total Mileage: 816.22 (2014)/15.3 (2015)
Fundraising Total to Date: $1,040.25

The final week of 2014 and the first week of 2015! There are so many things to think about at this time of year – mostly: “what can I do differently or better in this new year before me?” I’ve been thinking a lot about that so get ready for another super-exciting post about New Year’s goals!! Hope you’re having a good week already. 🙂


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