Today is the first day of “real cold” we’ve had this winter. Until now, there have been a couple of days that felt pretty cold, but today feels different. I opened the door to let the dogs out and felt instantly chilled. The inside of the storm door had a light frost around the edges this morning. The air freezes moisture on my face that I didn’t even know was there.

There’s no way around it – I have to get my miles in. Only 4 miles today, so what am I even complaining about? Once I get started it will be a piece of cake. But anticipating the cold makes me tense. I have a cup of hot green tea, stalling. I do find it easier to run in cold weather if I preface it with a hot drink, so I rationalize my stalling.

I layer. I spend five minutes looking for the gloves I like to run in. I stick hand warmers in the toes of my shoes, blocking the cold from coming through the mesh. And now I remember why running through the winter becomes such a challenge: there’s just so much prep involved. Wah. I tell myself to suck it up and just go already.

It’s cold for about 30 seconds. The rest of the run is perfect and I never think about the cold again.


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