Weekly Mileage

12/22: Rest (0 miles)

12/23: Rest (0 miles)

12/24: Rest (0 miles)

12/25: Rest (0 miles)

12/26: Rest (0 miles)

12/27: Rest (0 miles)

12/28: Long Run (6.02 miles), 10:05 pace

Weekly Total Mileage: 6.02 miles

Monthly Total Mileage: 38.42 miles

Annual Total Mileage: 812.32 miles

Fundraising Total so far: $1,040.25

I went into the week with lofty intentions. When I packed my bag for our Christmas trip to Albany, I even included two full running outfits – I really thought I would be able to motivate myself into two 5-mile treadmill runs in the hotel gym. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well, I should have been more realistic. I know myself and my family and our traditions well enough to have expected zero treadmill time and tons of eating and drinking time.

The result of all of the junk-eating, wine-drinking, and general slothing was an arduous 6 mile run yesterday and a full-on fat shaming from the scale this morning.

Back to the training now.Garmin_Maiden_Voyage


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