Christmas Running

Christmas running. If I were a morning runner, I think running on Christmas morning would be amazing. It must be so quiet and peaceful, in a way that is rare during daylight or even during an early morning run on any ordinary day. It must give one such a sense of calm. I wouldn’t know. I have never done it.

I did consider running this morning when my kids (with whom I was sharing a hotel room) woke up at 5:00 and definitely couldn’t go back to sleep (“It’s Christmas!!!”) But then, I pictured the sad little hotel gym I had seen across from the elevators downstairs. It seemed less inspiring than depressing, so I skipped it.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the morning chit chatting with relatives some more, eat leftover turkey and stuffing for lunch, then get in the car for the 3 hour drive home. When I get there I won’t be able to run because there’s no one to watch the kids.

And so goes the holiday cycle that so easily derails our efforts to get healthy, lose weight, stick to a new exercise program, etc.


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