Countdown to Race Day

Here I am again. It is Thursday and I am scheduled to run a half-marathon on Sunday morning. I have just under 36 hours left to prepare my body to run the best race I can run.

These last few days before a race are always critical to how a race goes. That holds true for all athletes, but I’ll try to stay focused here on my own experience.

Sleep, hydration, and nutrition in these final few days are arguably as important to my final performance as the 3-4 months of steady endurance training I’ve done.

This time, life is throwing a bit of a curveball at me, saddling me with a chest cold that started yesterday (Wednesday). I am throwing literally everything I’ve got at it – using most of my remaining sick time so that I can sleep and hydrate and rest all day yesterday and today. On top of that, I am only about 9 days out from the last half I ran, so the reserves are likely pretty low.

For the third piece of my pre-running prep (nutrition), I’m trying: I’ve had my carrot-beet juice this morning; I’ll make myself a green smoothie for lunch. And since I have a drawer full of wilting veggies in my fridge and its CSA pick-up day, I’m thinking some veggie soup for dinner.

Green Smoothie for Race Countdown Week

1/2 frozen banana
1 single serving container Oikos plain Greek yogurt
2-3 cups baby spinach
1 c coconut water
2/3 c. Vanilla almond-coconut milk
14 pieces frozen mango chunks
1/4 c frozen pineapple tidbits

Blend everything together until very well-blended (2 min. ). Serves 1.


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