To the Core

One of my SMART goals was to strengthen my core muscles. Core muscles include muscles running the length of the trunk and torso:

  • rectus abdominis;
  • external obliques;
  • internal obliques;
  • transverse abdominus;
  • hip flexors;
  • gluteus medius and minimus;
  • gluteus maximus;
  • hamstring group;
  • hip adductors.

These all contribute to your running speed, stamina, and recovery.

I have never managed to find a core workout that I love – mainly because I have never recovered what little abdominal strength I had prior to pregnancy. Therefore, all of those muscles have been enjoying their free ride for some time and they stage a massive ruckus when I ask them to work a little.

I tried the Runner’s World Fast Abs workout today before my run. I am already starting to feel the effects in my abdominal muscles tonight.

This is the perfect lunchtime workout. There is very little sweating involved and therefore less time required freshening up in the locker room afterward. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.


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