It’s Sunday. In my world, that means making sure clothes are clean and put away, the house is tidied up, and mom is focused on getting some nutrition into the kitchen for the busy week ahead.

Every household has its own unique set of weekly nutritional requirements, based on who’s in the family and what activities are planned. Save time, headaches, and money by giving a little thought to what’s on the “menu” for the week so that you know what you need beyond the everyday staples (e.g. milk, bread, etc.). If menu planning and organizing is your thing, check out Organized Home. This site has a number of menu planning tips and printable templates (e.g. blank menu planner, shopping list, etc.) that I have found helpful over time.

Whatever your weekly shopping list looks like, one way to remember yourself is to include a category of foods meant to fuel your runs.  Some of my favorites include: mangos, kale, sweet potatoes, unsweetened almond butter, Kind bars, Lara bars, eggs, chocolate milk, and unsweetened coconut milk. I try to keep these around the house and include them in my diet whenever I can.

As for getting nutrition into my family, it’s more of a challenge, but one thing that we have found really helpful is a menu plan. This allows for the children (and the grown-up children) to mentally prepare themselves for the dinner ahead of them. It also allows them to plan their lunch accordingly. The element of surprise is of no benefit when it comes to getting my family to eat healthy foods. If I let them in on the planning, and make the menu known, everyone tends to be just a bit more cooperative.

There are lots of electronic options (i.e. websites and smartphone apps) that take out much of the effort of maintaining a shopping list and/or menu plan. I am partial to Pepperplate, but there are many others that are probably just as good. It’s all about finding the one that suits you. The one that you’ll actually use is the best one there is.


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