Carrot or Stick: which motivates you to run more?

When I decided that I would write this blog, I was finishing up a five mile run. I had been thinking a lot about a challenge I had read about that morning – starting soon on one of my favorite blogs, another mother runner. These ladies are incredibly motivating and helpful, giving solid training advice to runners of all levels.

As I ran through the last mile of that run, I worked out a name for the blog. I wanted something running-related, but I also wanted to allow myself flexibility. I tried to brainstorm some content ideas, and wrote a few down. I got kind of stuck on one, and started mentally chewing on it a bit. The topic: New Year’s resolutions.

Turning the calendar to a new year inspires me (among with millions of other people) – to evaluate my current situation, and to then make promises, or “resolutions” in order to address any flaws over the course of the next year. 

I think that I’m motivated more by the carrot than the stick. In other words, I need goals in order to motivate myself to do anything. So, this year, I will be setting a few goals and also defining some juicy rewards for achieving said goals by year’s end.

I am still ironing out the details – after all, who has time to really think about anything between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Now that it’s January, my mind has time to think. I’ll post my goals here soon, and with any luck, I’ll also update with progress.

Stay tuned…


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