In the Share: 9/28-10/4

Tomatoes: The nights are getting pretty cool so these must be coming to an end shortly. 

Peppers: We have been working on the peppers but we still have a LOT in the fridge. I’m going to stuff them with the leftover quinoa veggie chili and bake them. 

Delicatta Squash: I love this squash. Last fall, I ate this as “squash fries” a few nights every week. It is quick to prepare, delicious, and incredibly nutritious. 

Broccoli: We never have a problem eating broccoli. Everyone in the family loves it steamed. No-brainer.

Bok Choy: I bought tofu again in my never-ending pursuit of a way to like this food. Bok choy will fill up a stir-fry pretty well.

Carrots: delicious – we sliced them into thin chips and ate them with dinner one night. Carrots are pretty easy to like, but fresh carrots have a crisp, juicy texture to them that just cannot be retained in carrots out of the ground long enough to end up in a big supermarket’s produce section. 



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