Blurred Lines


It’s September and Starbucks has already been trying to push pumpkin down my throat for almost two weeks now.


I’m one of the biggest pumpkin fans out there, but really, Starbucks. One thing that makes the pumpkin spice latte so special and delicious (the “PSL” as you’ve decided to brand it this year) is that it is only available during the limited holiday season. Even in the most exaggerated of scenarios, September does not qualify as part of the holiday season. Each season has its special ingredients and flavors, especially here in New England. September is – without question – the month when we New Englanders celebrate apples. We wait all year long to be able to eat these delicious, tart, sweet, crunchy, juicy fruits the way they were meant to be eaten – directly from the tree in the orchard, or from the farmer’s market down the road, rather than New Zealand apples the supermarket wants to sell me during the rest of the year.  This is when the apple is meant to be celebrated! Apple cider, cold or hot, apple pie, apple cider donuts, apple crisp, apple butter, sliced apples. Apple season is the best!! Pumpkins will also have their season. But why rush us, Starbucks? If you’re going to put out the PSL now, you might as well just get out all of your Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations too. 


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