Peaches Are In!!

The farm stand down the road from my house has a sign out on the road that says in giant, magic marker-written letters, “Peaches are in!!!" 

Well. One can’t keep driving by a sign like that and ignoring it. At the very least my mind is drawn to the existence of tree-ripened peaches twice everyday driving to and from work. I have peaches on the brain. 

When I saw an unscheduled, unclaimed couple of hours loitering in my calendar this weekend, I grabbed my chance. I was at the orchard without kids by 9:00 Saturday morning. There was no one else there. The sky was clear for as far as I could see, and the temperature hovered at a perfect, late summer 72 degrees. Inspiring.

So inspiring, in fact, that I left the orchard carrying not one but two 20 lb. boxes of the most perfect peaches. 



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