Cherry Season!


Have you ever picked cherries? I remember picking some sour cherries from a neighbor’s tree when I was about 5. This is the first year I’ve made it out for “pick your own cherries” though. If it existed in NH I never knew about it, and it’s just never seemed important before. But this year I decided I would pick and preserve fro each season locally, just to see how a little effort matters over the course of a summer and then over the year. 

The kids and I picked Ranier (yellow) and bing (dark red) cherries this weekend – about 10 lb. in all. So far, I have cold-packed 2 jars of red cherries and made 6 jars (8 oz. ea) of cherry jam. I made a cherry pie with the kids, and I have about 3 lb. of Raniers left – these will get pickled in some sugar, vinegar, bay leaves, and peppercorns.


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