What to do with all of this zucchini?

There’s nothing like summer squash in terms of its abundance, especially in New England. We are expecting 3 lbs of it in this week’s share, and the farm sells the “utility” zukes for only $1/lb. I can see that I am going to have to find a lot of recipes for these little (actually, quite large) buggers, and I am also going to have to convince the kiddos to LOVE them.

There’s nothing like a first impression when it comes to veggies, is there? I mean, if your first encounter with a summer squash is a squishy warmish disc, no amount of butter and garlic is really going to make it your favorite – at least if you’re most under-10 year old kids that I know.

I decided that this week I would dress the zucchini up as a delicious breakfast bread/dessert. Zucchini is like the banana in its ability to disappear into baked goods – but without the sweet and overpowering banana flavor. It adds moisture without fat, with the added benefit of a whollop of vitamin c and fiber. It’s not invisible though. In fact, it has the distinct veggie giveaway: it’s green.

So, I cloaked it in cocoa powder and chocolate chips. And I know this does not make it something to serve with rice and a protein for dinner, but it does allow my kids to see that veggies are capable of tip-toeing.


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