Just picked up a whole mess of garlic scapes this afternoon!

In an unprecedented move, my eight-year-old vegephobe has declared that he LOVES scapes. This has made the CSA worth every single penny we invested in it – and we are only on week two. 

It’s not just that he’s willing to eat something green without prompting. He was genuinely disappointed when we only got five of them in our share this week. Tonight, before bed, he asked for a bowl of chopped up (raw) scapes with a pinch of salt and a glass of milk to wash them down. Three weeks ago he would have been asking for crackers and a glass of juice.

So, I searched the farmer’s markets today, eventually finding a few bunches of the serpent-like green stalks at a farm just down the road. I bought almost all that she had out for sale.

We will be happily looking for places to stash the little jars of pesto now, made from the basil in our garden and these amazing newcomers to our repertoire. 

Head over to for this delicious recipe. 


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